The pursuit of our core business means that we incur risks due to the products handled, industrial operations and transportation. It is our responsibility to manage these risks to safeguard people and property.

Our aim is to make German Mirror Lubricants & Greases Co. the benchmark in industrial safety, to do this, we deploy action plans based on recognized methodologies. These action plans set objectives in terms of risk management and workplace safety. We have now introduced a plan, with the primary focus of enhancing the safety culture embraced by all of our employees and partners. This is the common thread running through our safety process, whose continuing aim is to improve workplace safety and management of technological risks and risks inherent in product manufacturing and transportation.

Fostering a shared safety culture
The common thread running through all the measures in our action plan is enhancing a safety culture embraced by all of our employees and partners.

Improving workplace safety
We apply a proactive, long-term policy to improve the safety of employees and contractors, in particular by reducing the number of accidents.

Managing technological risks
To enhance safety at our facilities, we implement safety management systems at our sites presenting technological risks that are rated in accordance with externally-recognized protocols. We also systematically analyze risks using a set of standardized procedures to develop preventive and protection measures

Enhancing the safety of product transportation
We deploy comprehensive programs to improve safety, tailored to each mode of transportation and manufacturing