Product Code

  • IN
  • UN
Packaging Available 20L, 200L, 208L

Mirr Transformer Oil (MTO) – is high quality insulating oil formulated from highly refined mineral oils. It has excellent high temperature stability, robust electrical insulating properties, excellent moisture tolerance and enhanced cooling properties. It comes in two grades; MTO-UN – Uninhibited Mirr Transformer Oil and MTO-IN – Inhibited Mirr Transformer Oil.

Features and Benefits

  • Excellent high temperature stability for intensive and extended use
  • Outstanding resistance to chemical thermal and chemical degradation, effectively preventing the formation of sludge due to oxidation
  • Formulated and specifically treated to remove moisture to avoid oil oxidation and reduced electrical insulation properties due to water presence
  • Improved transformer cooling properties
  • Excellent low temperature fluidity


  • As an electrical insulation oil in power grid and industrial transformers
  • Oil-immersed switch gear
  • Circuit breakers
  • Oil-filled capacitors
  • Tap changers
  • Electrical rectifiers


  • MTO-UN: meets the specifications IEC 60296 (82) Class I and II, BS 148:97 Class I and II, ASTM D 3487 type I.
  • MTO-IN: ensures improved oxidation resistance and meets the specifications IEC 60296 (82) Class IA and IIA.