Product Code

  • DEX-IV
Packaging Available 1L, 5L, 20L, 200L, 208L

Shift ATF
DEX IV Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid

Shift ATF DEX IV is a synthetic automatic transmission fluid. It is formulated from synthetic base fluid and performance additives to provide outstanding protection and lubrication f automatic gearboxes over a wide temperature range.

Features and Benefits

  • Provides superior protection
  • Protection against corrosion, oxidation, foaming anddeposits
  • Breakdown resistance even after extended use
  • Enhanced friction properties resulting in smooth shifting
  • Outstanding thermal and oxidation stability


  • Recommended for use in new and rebuilt automatic transmissions engines
  • Suitable for automatic gearboxes of passenger cars, vans, trucks and buses, when the manufacturer recommends
  • Can be used in some manual shift transmissions and hydraulic oil in earth moving machines or hydraulic lifting equipment
  • Recommended as power steeringfluid; suitable for longdrainage intervals


Ford: Mercon® IV and Mercon®, BMW: LA2634, ETL-7045E, T71141, MAN: 339F Ty V-1, V-2, Z-1, Z-2, Z-3, MB Sheet: 236.1, 236.2, 236.5, 236.6, 236.7, 236.9, 236.10, ZF: TE-ML 02F, TE ML 03D, TE-ML 04D, TE-ML 14A/14B/14C, TE-ML 16L, General Motors: Dexron® IV, Dexron® III, Dexron® II, Dexron®, JASO: 1-A, 2A-02, Allison: C-4, Aisin: JWS 3309 (all applications), Toyota: TIII, TIV.