Product Code

  • DOT IV
Packaging Available 250 ml, 500 ml, 20L, 200L

Synthetic Brake Fluid

Ultra performance, synthetic, moisture resistant, and heavy-duty brake and hydraulic clutch fluid. It is synthesised from Di Ethylene Glycols and other selected performance additives to provide an ultimate brake and clutch service with high boiling point, excellent fluidity at low temperatures, and superior system protection against the reflects of corrosion.
N.B. It should not be used in hydraulic systems for which mineral base fluids are specified.

Features and Benefits

  • Superior moisture resistance with high dry and wet boiling
  • Outstanding thermal stability and fluidity at low temperatures
  • Perfect brake reaction even at high speed
  • Excellent rust and corrosion protection
  • Compatible with all system seals and hoses
  • Mixed fleet use


  • Automotive drum and disc types braking systems for which a DOT 4 or SAE J1704 fluid is specified
  • Brake systems which are exposed to extreme conditions such as high performance vehicles and race conditions
  • Suitable for both congested with continuous start-stop braking driving conditions, and freeway and terrain drive braking conditions


Exceeds FMVSS: n°116 DOT 4, SAE: J 1704, NF R: 12-640, ISO: 4925.