Product Code

  • 100
Packaging Available 1L, 4L, 20L, 200L, 208L


Antifreeze is specially formulated from a mixture of mono-ethylene glycol and selected chemical agents, to provide all-round protection.

Features and Benefits

  • Effective engine cooling without boiling
  • A clean cooling system with protection from sludge and scale deposits
  • Protection against corrosion of the alloys used in the cooling systems of modern vehicles
  • Protection against frost
  • Prevention against electrolysis
  • Protection against cavitations corrosion
  • Efficient lubrication of water pumps
  • Compatibility with rubbers


  • Antifreeze should be diluted with clean water (preferably de mineralised) to a concentration of between 30%, which ensures satisfactory protection against corrosion for light vehicles, and 50% which is the recommended concentration to achieve the best degree of protection performance in larger diesel engines
  • Antifreeze will deliver optimum performance and protection for up to one year, after which the system should be drained and rfilled
  • When topping up, use coolant diluted with the appropriate amount of water


Meets BS 6580(1992) (UK) Standards, JIS K 2234-9, Class 2, Juliik, Mirr – Antifreeze meets the requirements of major European Manufacturers