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Excellent question! There are a number of things that can cause your MacBook and MacBook Pro LCD screen to break. At TechRestore, we’ve fixed actually tens of thousands of Mac notebook displays and we’re glad to present several tips for you to help prevent your screen. The number one reason for broken displays is unintentional damage – here’s the best way to prevent damaging or accidentally breaking your MacBook Pro LCD screen: Get a case for the MacBook. By keeping your MacBook Pro in a cushioned case, you’ll help remove damage which is brought on by taking your MacBook Pro with no case. We receive systems where the owner dropped their MacBook after carrying it outside of the case. Get a great instance and use it. Be careful when closing the lid on your own MacBook Pro. Apple advocates using both hands when closing the lid of your Mac – one hand on each corner.

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If you pull down and grab one corner of the screen, you could break the display, although it seems ridiculous. Don’t leave anything on your MacBook Pro keyboard – anything. That means pencils, pens, paper clips, etc.. We see MacBook Pro systems that are broken arrive daily that the display was shut by a customer and forgot to remove an item that was resting on top or the keyboard -case, leading to a cracked MacBook Pro LCD screen. Liquids….keep your space! Keep your beverage out of reach of your MacBook Pro. It is simple to shed the liquid on your keyboard or your LCD screen, if you’re able to knock over a drink that is near your MacBook Pro. Both are occasions you want to prevent. Liquid can cause it to break or short out and liquid on your computer keyboard typically continues going down to your logic board and components that are other – this is awful.

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OK, so you purchased a bag to shield your MacBook Pro display from getting broken, right? Nice job! One last suggestion would be to be careful about what you place in the bag with your MacBook Pro. The bag should have another compartment for the laptop that’s shielded from the remainder of the things you know will be finding its way into your elaborate bag that is new. Don’t let your cell phone, iPod or whatever push up against your MacBook Pro – the added pressure (particularly when you start moving that tote near or pitching it in your auto (throw = awful) can cause your MacBook Pro LCD screen to crack or at a minimal cause case damage. If you still wind up breaking your MacBook Pro LCD screen, with a big, awful fracture or merely a black screen that greets you when you turn on your own Mac, TechRestore can help! We offer a 24-hour turnaround time on repairs that are performed by Apple Certified Technicians and our repairs are backed by us with a 1-year guarantee on labor and parts.