Flashpoint Tester

Flash point is the temperature at which the vapors of a fuel ignite when a test flame is applied. The flash point for all fuels to be used in bulk onboard vessels is set at 60°C minimum (SOLAS* agreement). ISO8217 Grade DMX, a special low cloud point gasoil, may only be stored onboard in drums because of its < 60°C flash point. The fuel flash point is an important quality and safety assurance measure. The flash point of biodiesel is used to detect contamination from low flashpoint methanol. Flashpoint is used in lube oils as an indication of fuel oil contamination.

The Flashpoint Tester / Analyzer is easy to use, completing a fuel flash/no-flash test in less than two minutes. It will determine the flash point of a lube sample within a temperature range of 0 to 300°C in typically 8 minutes and boasts the following core features:

  • Digital display showing test parameters, instrument status, and the flashpoint test result.
  • Audible alarm when flashpoint test is completed and action is required from the operator.
  • Automatic flash detector enhances repeatability and reduces the chance of misinterpretation.
  • Small sample size – 2 or 4ml.