Automatic Cloud Point & Pour Point System

Detailed Product Description

SYD-510Z-1 Automatic Pour Point Tester
Petroleum Products Automatic Pour Point Tester
Automatic Pour Point Tester

SYD-510Z-1 Automatic Pour Point TesterPurpose

The instrument is designed and made as per GB/T510 “Test Methods for Solidifying Point of Petroleum
Products”, and GB/T3535 “Test Methods for Pour Point of Petroleum Products”. It is suitable to determine
solidifying point and pour point of transformer oil and other light oils.
Characteristics: It can fill oil, make determination and print out test data automatically. Adopt semiconductor for refrigeration, so it can make determination rapidly. It can determine solidifying point and pour point independently or at the same time. It has characteristics of LCD display, man-machine conversation, and graphic display interface.

Technical parameters

  • Power supply: AC 220V±10%, 50 Hz;
  • Refrigeration speed: >40°C/10min;
  • The lowest temperature: -60°C;
  • Repeatability for solidifying point: ≤2°C;
  • Repeatability for pour point: ≤3°C;
  • Pressure of cooling water: 0.5kg/cm2;
  • Ambient temperature: room temperature~30°C;
  • Reproducibility: ±4°C;

Stable performance, best price, good quality, and good after-sales service
Usage filed: petroleum testing equipment
Product name: SYD-510Z-1 Automatic Pour Point Tester